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Individual Therapy

A licensed therapist will provide one-on-one support, guidance, and assistance to a client in addressing personal challenges, emotional issues, or mental health concerns. The focus of individual counseling is to help the client explore their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and experiences in a safe and confidential environment. The therapist works collaboratively with the client to identify goals, develop coping strategies, gain insight into their issues, and work towards positive changes and personal growth. The specific techniques and approaches used in individual counseling may vary depending on the counselor’s theoretical orientation, the client’s needs, and the goals of therapy.

Family & Couples Therapy

A licensed therapist will work with families and couples to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and foster healthier relationships. The focus of family therapy and couples therapy is on understanding and addressing the dynamics within the family system rather than solely focusing on individual members. In family therapy, the therapist will work with the entire family unit or specific members of the family to identify patterns of interaction, communication styles, and relational dynamics that may contribute to difficulties or conflicts within the family.

Process Groups

Group therapy is a form of therapy where a small, carefully selected group of individuals meet regularly. In these sessions, the clients share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings with each other, offering support, feedback, and insights. The primary aim of group therapy is to provide a supportive and therapeutic environment where members can explore and work through their personal issues, challenges, and concerns within the context of a group setting.

Workshops & Training

Life Skills

This 8-week workshop is designed to empower individuals by giving them skills and coping mechanisms that promote a balanced and fulfilled life while providing them with tools to be effective leaders in their school, community, and home environment.

By the end of this program the induviudal will have a better understanding of who they are, goal setting, team-building, conflict resolution, effective communication, vocation & qualities of a leader.

7 Steps to Excellence

7 Steps to Excellence is a seven-week seminar that is held once a week. It consists of a seven step program; each step representing a different stage in the program. The interesting part about the program is each individual moves through the steps at there own pace; which is crucial because everybody is different and the course is about learning, loving, and developing one’s self.

Acceptance of life circumstances and acceptance of self are crucial to building a strong foundation in any individual. At the completion of 7 Steps to Excellence, the individual will have a new awareness of self, confidence, determination, motivation to push for a better life and the will to keep living.

Academic Educational Training

We offer engaging and dynamic trainings and workshops tailored to all educational levels. Our goal is to foster emotional attunement among educational staff and their students. Whether you are a teacher, professor, administrative staff, or behavioral support, our customized programs will equip you and your teams with the essential skills to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment.

Subscription Based Packages

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