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7 Steps To Excellence

7 Steps to Excellence is a seven-week seminar that is held once a week. It consists of a seven step program; each step representing a different stage in the program. The interesting part about the program is each individual moves through the steps at there own pace; which is crucial because everybody is different and the course is about learning, loving, and developing one’s self.

Acceptance of life circumstances and acceptance of self are crucial to building a strong foundation in any individual. At the completion of 7 Steps to Excellence, the individual will have a new awareness of self, confidence, determination, motivation to push for a better life and the will to keep living.

1: Self Reflection

This is the first step because in order to improve yourself you have to do an evaluation and analysis of yourself, to help one find out who they are.

2: Self-Acceptance

If one wants to grow the individual must accept their past and current life situations.

3: Self Motivation

Once one accepts who they are they have to be motivated to change whatever it is they feel hinders their growth.

4: Self Improvement

This is where the individual puts all that was learned about their self and all that they changed about themselves together to see what they “will” to be.

5: Self-Empowerment

This is when the individual focuses on doing the best they can to reach their full potential.

6: Purpose

This is one of the most important steps because this gives people a reason for living. If you have a purpose in life it motivates a person to push through circumstances without giving up because they have a reason for being on this Earth.

7: Excellence

This ties the past, present, and future together with acceptance to produce the ultimate you.

Level Up

This 8-week workshop is designed to empower the youth by giving them skills and coping mechanisms that promote a balanced and fulfilled life while providing them with tools to be effective leaders in their school, community, and home environment.

By the end of this program the students will have a better understanding of who they are, goal setting, team-building, conflict resolution, effective communication, college & career readiness, & qualities of a leader.

Week 1-4: Self Development

Asking for Help & Collaboration

Designed to create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Ice-breaker exercises to get the kids out of their comfort zones.


Designed to help the student make an evaluation and analysis of themselves, to give them direction in finding out who they are.


Designed to help the student accept their past and current life situations.


Designed to help the student be grateful for who they are.


Using Behavior Styles students will learn the pattern of observable behaviors an individual uses in the presence of others which are stable over time.

Week 5-8: Leadership & Entrepreneurship


Designed to help the student narrow down what means the most to them.


Designed to help the students build a resume & practice interviewing.


Designed to focus on what the student is good at and supports the student in finding their natural talents.

Foundations of Leadership

Designed to provide the students with tools to being an effective leader by making out the foundation and qualities of a leader.

Conflict Resolution

To help the students take what they learned about them self and apply it to choices they make in dealing with others to create an environment that promotes unity and harmony in their life. They will see how to break down Anger into root causes: Fear + Sadness, so they can rationally diffuse their anger without placing the blame on others.

Carrying the Torch

This gives the student the tools in taking what they learn and creating their own community actions.

What's Next?

Designed to focus in on planning for the future. What opportunities are there beyond high school? How do we begin preparing for them?


This helps students overcome the nerves that come up in an interview setting and set them up for success.

The Art of Darkness

The Art of Darkness is a creative program that blends mental health and art, designed for Adolescents who have completed treatment in a residential program for mental health and addiction. The Art of Darkness provides a safe environment for adolescents to discuss their challenges post-treatment, and provide accountability and support in their sobriety and recovery.

This 21-week course is capped at 11 participants per program. In this program, participants will be empowered to create a community service project, and at the conclusion of the 21 weeks, participants will perform their best pieces of work that they created throughout the program for their friends, families, and community.


What Now?

In this session, participants will explore activities that help develop tools to focus on the now and let go of the past.


Healthy Support Systems

Participants will identify healthy support systems in their community, home life, and school.


Inspire & Create

Participants get to explore themselves through art, poetry, music, story-telling, and other creative avenues.


The Power of Will

Participants will explore roadblocks and how to overcome them in order to stay on track.


Go With The Flow

Participants will learn to embrace change.

Letting Go

Exploring forgiveness, letting go of resentments, and mending relationships.


Participants will explore grounding techniques like mindfulness and meditation.

Focus On The Positive

In this session, participants will talk about the possibilities of relapse and the importance of self-forgiveness.


Community Building

Participants will brainstorm about different community projects that participants will come up with to create accountability.

Relapse Prevention Plans

We will dive into the plans that participants have in place and creatively develop a memento.



Participants will develop Sustainable, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic, Timely goals.


Participants will be led through different self-love activities.


Keep Moving

Participants will explore their bodies and find value in being active.


Participants will identify an item of sentimental value to awaken compassion and trust in themselves.


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Participants will explore meaningful questions about themselves and their environment.


Participants will explore different communication styles and practice them.


No Means No

Participants will practice saying no in tough situations, and not feel guilt around it.

Attitude of Gratitude

Participants will discuss the things they are grateful for in their life.


Speak No Harm

Participants will practice silencing negative self-talk.


Participants will identify what they value in life and explore ways to attracting what they want, and see the abundance of possibilities that world offers.


The Art of Darkness

Participants will perform the pieces they created during the program for their community.


Gifted People Speak

This program is designed for adolescents who are on the high-functioning autism spectrum. This program will use Applied Behavior Analysis therapy and art to unlocking the voice of these gifted adolescents. Through this program, we create a safe atmosphere for the participants to be able to explore their communication style, whether that be through numbers, patterns, colors, music, touch, art, and sound, etc. They will also learn social cues and practice connecting with peers.

The program consists of four evaluation individual sessions once a week to identify their communication style, followed by ten group sessions to practice the learned skills with other peers.

Week 1

Discrete Child Teaching

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This is where we will break down tasks into smaller components and teach each component separately.

Week 2


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This is where we will assess their ability to connect in a social environment.

Week 3

Operant Conditioning

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This is where we will explore the participant’s stimulus control and see what influences their behavior and response through positive reinforcement and no.

Week 4

Responding Conditioning

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Here we will explore how the participant responds to neutrality versus no or positive reinforcement.

Week 5

Identifying Triggers

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Participants will go through a series of activities to become aware of when they are overly stimulated.

Week 6


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Participants will identify their communication styles.

Week 7


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Participants will practice their communication style with others.

Week 8

Identifying Emotions

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Participants will discover their emotions in a creative way.

Week 9


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Participants will practice “I feel” statements using their communication style.

Week 10


Learn More

Participants will share their life story by using their communication style whether that be through numbers, patterns, colors, music, touch, art, and sound, etc.


Our three-day retreats are available for adolescents, parents, adults, couples, administrators & companies.


Ice-breaker & Trust exercises

Arrival at 5pm. Dinner provided.


Outdoor experiential activities, secrets exercise, team building exercises and ropes course (optional).

All meals included.


Mindfulness hike and take-aways.

Breakfast included. Return by 12pm.

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