I Believe Excellence Is All of Me

Our Mission is to give adolescents a platform where they feel heard, seen, and able to connect on a deeper level with their peers. Our Vision is for schools to institute emotional intelligence courses as a requirement the same way physical education is.

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I BE I AM is a company that offers Personal Development Services and Emotional Intelligence Workshops for Adolescents, Administrators, Companies, Schools and Adults.

We’ve Got You Covered

Level Up Workshop

A 8-week youth workshop in partnership with Fulcrum Learning Systems.

Recovery Programs

A creative program designed for Adolescents in treatment for addiction.

7 Steps To Excellence

A seven-week seminar program to build strong self-awareness foundation.

Gifted People Speak

program designed for adolescents on the high-functioning autism spectrum. 

3-Day Retreats

Retreats for adolescents, adults, parents, couples, administrators & companies.

Crisis Intervention Coaching

Assist individuals that have experienced crisis or trauma to minimize long-term psychological effects.

Spiritual Advising & Counseling

Discover your personal process of spirituality and receive guidance on your spiritual journey to help balance both the mind, body, and spirit.

Why This Is Important

Acceptance of life circumstances and acceptance of self are crucial to building a strong foundation in any individual. Without those two things people are more likely to fall into depression. Depression is the number one cause for suicide. Over one million people commit suicide every year. It is the second leading cause of death in our country among the 15-24 year old age group including college students. People choose suicide because they feel like it’s the only way to be free from life’s problems and they don’t know what else to do.

Meet The Team

Our team is committed to designing and facilitating programming that fits the needs for all of our clients.

Success Stories

It’s amazing all the things I’ve learned about myself. That I am a leader, I have a presence and a voice, and I can speak up for the unspoken. This program had the ability to get through to me in my hardest times It’s almost supernatural.


17 year-old client

From this retreat, I took home with me that leadership skills are an important trait to have. I’ve learned that I’m capable of more things than i think. Such as: I can communicate without words and the importance of team work. I learned so much over the 2 1/2 days, the only thing that could of made it better is if it was longer. I will always remember and always be a leader


15 year-old Student

If only we had the IBEIAM program in every school, treatment home, group home, etc, what the world would look like! Our children need this deeper, inner form of support in this constantly moving society filled with social media craze,unstable living arrangements and lack of healthy support systems. Let this be the time for change by bringing the light in, let it be IBEIAM!

Shauna Dabiri-far


I learned to be true to myself and comfortable with myself and most importantly I learned who I am.


15 year-old Student

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