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Therapeutic & Healing Services

Crisis Intervention Coaching

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Assist individuals that have experienced crisis or trauma to minimize long-term psychological effects. In these sessions, we will explore coping mechanisms, ways to increase stability, grounding techniques, exposure therapy, identification of triggers, and communicating feelings.

Group Therapy

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Group therapy creates an environment where people can meet to discuss their problems, and talk about what’s going on in their lives while being mediated by a facilitator.

Tarot Reading

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Here, a client has the option of a general reading for 30 minutes, including one situational question. Another option is an hour of extensive reading with a cleansing ritual and home instructions. Option three is a one-hour reading and therapy session. Siana uses the traditional tarot system that includes 78 cards, suits, the minor arcana, and the major arcana.

Ritual Facilitation

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Depending upon the situation, different herbs, candles, and materials will be used to help bring about the outcome. For example: cutting of ties, or calling in abundance. The ceremony will be led by an initiated Priest or Priestess.

Space Energy Cleansing

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This can be done at a building, home, office, or any other structure that one feels like they want more clarity on what’s happening energetically in the space and if any energy needs to be moved, Siana will come, read the space, and smudge it.

Parent & Youth Counseling

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Parent & Youth Counseling is a session where they get to practice communicating with each other effectively to create an environment of respect, understanding, and trust with the help of a facilitator.

Spiritual Advising

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The goal of spiritual advising is to assist the client in discovering their personal process of spirituality and provide guidance on one’s spiritual journey to help balance both the mind, body, and spirit.

Siana is an initiated Iyanifa & Olorisha/Oshun Priestess. She has studied the Yoruba Spiritual System and received her title in Lagos, Nigeria by Chief Solagbade Popoola.  She has trained with Priest and Priestess in different parts of the world including Los Angeles, New Orleans, Brazil, and Nigeria. She has completed courses where she learned different forms of divination including tarot and clairvoyance. She is an intuitive and a medium. With these skills, she has been able to remove negative energy from her clients’ energetic field and identified the areas in their life that need to be addressed in order for them to reach their highest state of bliss.

Intuitive Energy Readings

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Here, Siana uses her gift in clairvoyance to read the energy of the client by seeing auras, and energetic fields. With this information, Siana is able to reflect back areas that the individual needs to focus on for their healing and growth.

Guided Meditation

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In this process, one or more participants, meditate together with the help of a facilitator leading them in breath techniques, guided imagery, and atmosphere music.

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