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Our Purpose

I BE I AM is an organization that is committed to creating a safe space for adolescents to feel empowered to step into their leadership, transform their generation, and authentically express themselves without the fear of judgment.

Our Mission is to give adolescents a platform where they feel heard, seen, and able to connect on a deeper level with their peers.

We educate adolescents, parents, and teachers through interactive experiential workshops and emotional intelligence trainings. With these skills, we are confident that the environment in schools will shift from a place of bullying to one of acceptance and community.

As the name states “I Believe Excellence Is All of Me,” we believe that in order for adolescents to reach their highest potential, it is important for them to first accept themselves fully, and explore who they want to be in the world.

Our Awesome Team

Siana-äiti Moirae

Siana-äiti Moirae

Founder, CEO & Program Director

Siana-äiti Moirae is a trail blazer in the realm of Youth Development. Specializing in Spiritual and emotional growth holding a certification in Youth Crisis Negotiation. Siana has worked in the top Adolescent Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Facilities facilitating self acceptance and personal development groups as well as individual, group, & family therapy sessions. Working with the youth for over 13 yrs leading and facilitating workshops she created “Level UP” a youth leadership training course and “7 Steps to Excellence” a youth realization and empowerment program for Adolescents. Holding a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts; Siana has taken many levels of Leadership Training Courses and has graduated from the “Mastery In Transformational Training” Legacy Program. Siana dedicates her life to touch as many lives as she can through “I BE I AM” by being of service, encouraging transformation, and inspiring breakthroughs.

Andrea Padilla

Andrea Padilla


Andrea has over half a decade of experience working with and mentoring adolescents. She is currently working as Program Coordinator at a Residential Treatment Center for adolescents in Malibu. She holds an Associates Degree in Psychology from Glendale Community College and is currently a student at Western Governors University. In addition to formal education, Andrea is constantly learning about personal development, relationship health, effective communication, and other related topics through self-study. Andrea strongly believes in the value and power of young people’s voices and expression of their authentic self.  She seeks out opportunities to share her passion for the outdoor activities with youth. Her goal is to help young people find their own powerful identities and voice through increasing their self-awareness, self-compassion, and their resilience in the face of challenges.
Avonlea Ware, M.A.

Avonlea Ware, M.A.

Executive Director

Avonlea possesses nearly a decade of experience working with youth navigating the challenges of self-discovery and identity formation. Holding degrees in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy from Pepperdine University, she is dedicated to employing a culturally-sensitive approach in addressing gender inclusion, youth development, and holistic wellness. Having traveled and resided in Europe, the Middle East, and India, Avonlea has honed her expertise in conflict resolution and youth mental health. Her commitment extends to advocacy for women’s rights, social justice, and the enhancement of mental health services accessibility within diverse communities. Outside of her professional endeavors, Avonlea finds enjoyment in leisure activities such as spending time at the beach, engaging in gardening, and fostering a deeper connection with the world around her.

Why This Is Important

Acceptance of life circumstances and acceptance of self are crucial to building a strong foundation in any individual. Without those two things people are more likely to fall into depression. Depression is the number one cause for suicide. Over one million people commit suicide every year. It is the second leading cause of death in our country among the 15-24 year old age group including college students. People choose suicide because they feel like it’s the only way to be free from life’s problems and they don’t know what else to do.

The unexpected events of life are what triggers depression; For example: A death of a family member or close friend. An assault, car accident or painful physical event.

A painful mental, or emotional event. Marriage breakup, or love lost suddenly. Developing a disease or illness that will not get better. Major Financial setback. Something “embarrassing” happens. Weight gain. And the list goes on.

I BE I AM was developed for this reason. People need help dealing with life; and the only way to do that is to learn acceptance, have determination, and a will to keep living. All of that takes wisdom and a strong knowledge of one’s self.

In order for us to see a positive change in the world, we ourselves have to be that positive change. From observing, we have noticed that we yearn for change but we depend on other people to do it. We have a false idea that happiness comes from an outside source but the truth is happiness comes from within. Most of the time we depend so much on others that we don’t know how to handle being alone and from loneliness comes depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, violence, suicide, sexual abuse, etc.

These are the barriers in life that we have to get over in order to find true happiness, which will lead to a fulfilling life.

Our Goals

Joy, Satisfaction & Fulfillment
Our goal is to help individuals find joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment; that leads a person to their life mission.
Align Strength & Willpower
We encourage individuals to align their strength and willpower and hold the intention to fulfill their purpose.
Personal Tools & Coping Skills
We help individuals find personal tools and coping skills within themselves to help deal with day-to-day life. With those tools people will become self-dependent with a motivation to help the lives of others.
We work to increase the number of knowledgeable people about the importance of knowing themselves. To motivate the individual to make a positive change in him or herself, which will help make a positive change in the world. Decrease the depression and suicide rate caused by unexpected life events. To help individuals deal with these events without letting them overwhelm them. Encourage self-evaluation to help individuals find meaning and reason for living. Create unity within society by encouraging unity within oneself.

This organization targets the basic issues that form from life circumstances by teaching individuals tactics that help them deal with life by knowing who they are. It also gives people a feeling of being accepted. The weekly meetings will make a person feel like they fit in, because they will have a support system that they can relate to. This will eliminate the loneliness that can cause depression. After joining this organization a person will have the motivation to keep living life with a positive outlook.

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